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Problems with 2007

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I had to leave my Versa at the dealer over night to figure out what the problem might be and was wondering if anyone might have had a similar problem.

My car is a 2007 Versa CVT with 130,000 miles on it. Since owning the vehicle (only had 13 miles on it when I got it), I get the oil changed every 3,000 miles, have had to replace the tires once and replace the brakes as well. The only other thing that has been replaced that was major was the spark plugs back in February of this year.

Over the past week I have noticed that when I start my car there is a squealing sound that goes away after the car has had a chance to be put into gear or if it warm. Then yesterday while driving home I was going up a hill and when the RPM's went up to 3 (it's a steep hill) the speedometer dropped to zero but resumed working once I got the the top of the hill. After the incident with my speedometer, the cruise control stopped working as well.

Anyone have any ideas what it might be, luckily I carpool and was able to leave my poor baby at the dealer to have them look at.
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I would check your belt. Possibly it's worn or loose.
Not sure how the Versas read speed, but if the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is failing it will cause the speedo/tach to not move and will prevent the cruise control from working as well.

No idea on price...but on my Honda they run about $50 aftermarket.
Hi, I know the CVT's have a mode known as fail-safe, when they overheat they basically shut down as to not damage themselves. I experienced this in February when I got stuck in snow and tried rocking the car by myself and all of a sudden, the rpms would go up but the wheels would not turn. I thought I blew the CVT but after a couple of minutes to let it cool, operated fine again.

Now, your symptoms are not the same however there is a bit of similarity. I agree the noise could be a belt, especially if you are not moving and you rev the engine. The heat from the engine warms the belt and it expands so slightly and sometimes this causes the noise to go away.

You may want to check your CVT fluid colour, it should have some green colour in it. If no green at all, then it should be changed which is not cheap as the specialized tranny fluid for CVT's is expensive, but worth it. Just thought I'd throw this info into the mix just in case. May not have any bearing in your circumstance but good to know.
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