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Problems with LED dome light

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When my dome light is set to the door setting it still very lightly has light coming out of it I'm worried that this is drawing for my battery my battery died a couple weeks ago and was not able to determine what caused it so I had to get a new one any ideas if this could be causing my battery to die if so any ideas

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I highly doubt the LED was the cause to your battery dying.
LED's use VERY little energy. I too have an LED dome light and it does the same thing, a very dim light when it's supposed to be off. I suggest you look elsewhere for your battery dying. Is it the original battery? It may just be time to get a new battery, good luck.
Battery was AAA and within three year warranty so they replaced it and commented it was likely a "phantom drain".
All the vehicles that I have installed the LED dome lights in have stayed slightly lit, There was an explanation about it on another site but I forget what it was. Its fine though. As far as your AAA battery, every single car that comes in with one of those batteries test bad, IMO they are junk.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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