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Product Review - CCFL Halo projectors

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Updated 31MAR2010

Product: Black CCFL projectors
Where: Imotorsport
Price: 210 local pickup

First glance: It looks nice, shinny and pretty.
What to know about this product:
Bulb Size: Low Beam: H7 High Beam: H1 Turn Signal: 7507
HIDS are recommended yes im serious about this.
but im using this for now piaa xtreme white plus

Might have to use the OEM Front Bumper Holder "I don't know the exact name"
Top one is the Aftermarket holder while the bottom one is the OEM bumper holder

You must get everything right and ready before you start installing

Install all the bulbs in the Projector make sure you wouldn't contaminate the bulb lens and make sure you have a tight seal on the gaskets.

Stop Make sure you do the first step before doing anything else.

Remove: Grille cover, Grille, Front Bumper then remove OEM head unit
You will need to use a Long Nose Pliers when removing the power source.

This step can be omitted if you want
Remove OEM Bumper holder from the OEM head unit using a hex screw then replace the Projector Bumper holder with the OEM bumper holder.

Plug in the power source for the turn signal, Parking Light and Head light.

Test if all the light if it works "if turn signal is not working make sure the the power source is snug tight.

Secure the Projector by tightening the all four screws but not too tight just enough to hold it in place.

Re-test again all the lights

Install the Front bumper, Grille and Grille cover

Re-test again all the lights.
Notice my bumper have cracks below the headlight and its popping off from the side. Its because i rear ended another car. Actually it used to have a lot of scratches but i used swirl X :p

When driving for the first 3 days try running your Headlight even if its morning or afternoon just to remove any moisture trapped inside the head lamp unit (This may be different from colder states Google headlight condensation)
or watch this video How to prevent/remove moisture

Adjusting the projectors
First lossen up the adjusting knob closest to the fender by using a phillip screw. Lefty loosey righty tighty. Keep on loosening the knob till the low beam light stop moving (bopping up and down)

Locate the second knob (close to the grille or turn signal light)
Use the Phillip screw driver and turn it until it go up or down. I think clockwise is down and counter clockwise is up.

Will update with the rotation direction for adjusting.

Opps the actual review. Too sleepy when i wake up lol
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Great write up! Do the halos turn on as a DRL or with the parking lights?
the halos turn on with the parking lights.
im so angry my projectors are gone :(
i read your post yesterday thats why i made this guide and review"full review later". you should really check on your wirings and battery. the projector assembly is easy to open compare to the oem one. im really tempted to open mine up and remove the yellow/orange reflector :p
im really tempted to open mine up and remove the yellow/orange reflector :p
yea that reflector annoys me...looks so weird lol
i know miss nic thats why i want to remove it but no plans on it till im done repairing my V lol...
yea that reflector annoys me...looks so weird lol
It's the law, you must display a reflective side marker.
Clear reflective side marker :p in place of the orange one :p
I'm pretty sure it has to be orange. I mean, only if the cop REALLY wants to be a dick.
some states will require orange markers so verify with your local inspector :p
whats up with the smiley face wreckless lol jk :p check the first post for updated info
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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