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I've just recently picked up the head unit from a 2012 Versa to put into my 09. The unit has the iPod button on it, and the unit is model CY20G as written in the face of the unit. Apparently this unit was wired to a controller, and then there was a port in the small storage pocket above the radio.

Anyone here have this setup? I'm trying to find all the cables and components that I need to go from the back of the CY20G head unit and end up with a USB or iPod 30 pin dock connector. I've looked at the mirofiche but have not been able to decipher what fits where. Does the OEM iPod cable plug right into the back of the radio or is there another controller box in between the two? Anyone here with a CY20G stereo in their car that has had the radio out before, and knows what all is back there?

If anyone replaced their CY20G with an aftermarket unit, I'd love to get my hands on the cables and controller you aren't using anymore that are probably still buried under the dash!

Thanks in advance for any help.
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