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Puzzling electrical problem

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Hello. First post. Thanks in advance for any/all input. Much appreciated.

Have 2007 versa hatchback. Left brake light went out. Also noticed high mounted third brake light is very dim and flickers when brake petal depressed. Right brake light works fine.

Replaced left brake bulb. Heres the kicker. Both brake lights now work but only when the headlights are off. Third light is still dim. When I turn the headlights on, the left brake light appears to be on, i.e. both running light and brake light appear activated. Right brake light still works perfectly normal. Third brake light still very dim and flickering.

Found a somewhat similar post where someone had this problem with headlights and brake lights but their issue was all three brake lights. And I have the dim/flickering third light.

Brake switch seems to me like it would affect all three lights....

I almost don't care about the third light, if I could just get the brake lights to work normally, but I have a hunch the two are related.

Any thoughts? Sounds to me like a difficult to locate short somewhere but just wanted to make sure someone else didn't have any good ideas.
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I agree - sounds like a ground is causing the problem. Could be simply a loose bolt for the ground or some wires strand are broken and intermittently contacting each other.

Also, may as well check the fuses to ensure they are not loose and there are no hairline cracks or whatnot.
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