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QR25 (B16 Sentra) intake manifold on MR motors

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The bolt pattern for the plastic QR25 manifold is the same i believe, it may have slightly shorter runners and a bigger plenum. Plus the MR20/18 throttle bodies and QR25 are nearly identical. Though it would be cool to get the previous gen aluminum one with dual length intake runners working.
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that'd be interesting considering the offset cylinders of the MR engine family. Also there's basically nothing to be gained by swapping just the intake manifold, they're a pretty efficient design as is. I don't have logs to prove that, but air is evenly distributed via the plenum and there's a long smooth shot to the head for each cylinder.

As far as I can tell that's the only benefit to wrapping the intake up and over the spark plugs... i'd rather have a less efficient intake and easier spark plug change.

unless you have teh engine built up so it needs more air than the stock unit can flow, there's no benefit to swapping parts... you'll just be swapping it to say you've done it, which is just silly.
The stock manifold and cams don't supply enough air for the motor to rev high, fairly low revving motor. Honda does better, but it is what it is. The motor is also limited by the conservative cams.
more the cams than the intake I'd wager. Is there any data floating around showing the manifold to be a choke point? Honestly curious to know, it'd be fun to get some detail performance talks going.
Well i know the heads flow pretty well. Even Bob said the stock port design is fairly well optimized. They just aren't screamer motors like Honda's, but i do like that in some sense.
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