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Just wanted to get some opinions from forums members.

For those who have modified their suspension, how much of an increase in handling do you notice. Many have stated their notice an improvement, however I'm more interested in some of the details.

Please state what you have changed (items and brands)? springs only? springs and struts? coil-overs?


1 = chevy impala


6 = 3 series bmw

7 =

8 = s2000

9 = lotus elise

10 = go cart

On this scale my oem versa with 15" wheels is about a 3.5~4.0. (I've driving most of the cars on the scale above.)

What have you guys achieved with mods?

Thanks in advance for any input to this tread!

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Ok I would call the Versa a 2 with the OEM 15" Wheels.

After adding the Rear Sway... 3
After changing the Springs and shock.... It went to lets say a 4.
After changing the wheels to 17" OZ with GoodYear I would say 6

For the record... a 10 would be an Evo 8, Stance GR+ coil-overs, Under and upper braces, on 18" R-compounds. It will pull the fillings out of your teeth. :)
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