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Question of modding

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So I get back from installing the AEM CAI. DC strut bar is gonna be put on today.

And I see a bunch of new parts on versaspeed.
strut bar
And Blitz Throttle controller etc.
Guys give me some thoughts about mod builds for the V
Stillen axleback
DC strut bar tommorow
Any comments will be appreciated
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i currently have
fujita cold air intake
OBX header
stillen axelback
Cusco strut bar front
Ultra Racing strut bar rear, and rear sway bar
tanabe NF210 lowering springs
seibon carbon hatch
JDM visors
Nismo radiator cap
smoked tail lights and 3rd brakelight
JDM adjustable license plate holder in the front
and with all these parts, it seems to me that when something new comes i would either sell what i have to get it or find a way to get it... all of the mods ive listed are great for making more power over stock and for better handling, so i guess my suggestion to you would be to either buy coilovers next, or lower your car and buy the shocks/struts later on down the road... a lowered versa handles really well thrown together with strut bar and aftermarket rims and tires... hope this helps
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I agree with Skunk on the suspension. It really makes the Versa more fun to drive. May not be able to beat those big cars on the straight away but I pwn them on the turns.
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