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question =)

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my boyfriend bought me halo headlights and he tried installing them for me but it seemed to be more complicated to get the factory headlights out...anyone know the trick or if there is anything special we need to do. we did take off the grill and unscrewed everything. i've had them in the box since october and its eating at me...but i really can't afford to have them professionally installed. help!!
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I just took my headlights out yesterday so I can tell you exactly how!

Ok once you got your grill off your going to need to take the top bolts off of the headlight. There are 3 10mm bolts along the top on each headlight.

Once you are done with that you will need to take apart the clips that hold in your wheel well so that you can peel your bumper back a little bit (which is also being held in by a 10mm bolt). Once thats done you will see one (1) more 10mm bolt that is literally almost against your bumper. Once you take out that bolt, wiggle the headlight around and kind of push it backwards because it is also "clipped" into your bumper.

I wish I would have taken pictures so it would be easier for you but I didnt.. I'm on here a lot so if you have any troubles just post it and I will help you out. :D

Good luck!
Don't Forget to post some pictures!
thank you!! i'll have him try this on saturday...unless i get too antsy and decide to give it a shot myself =P
i will def take pics!!

If you have any more questions just let us know!
I know quite a few people have installed those projector headlights so I'm sure that they can help you out.

I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly but I think there is something extra that you have to do installing them, something with the wiring.. could be wrong though so don't quote me on it.
hmm...i'm thinking i might go in and check it out tomorrow...see what i can do and see what i need
from what i gathered they just plugged in like the others ones...but idk
versanation is exactly right, 3 tabs and a 10mm screw.

when you get the lights installed please take a pix of the light spread. my halo lights when i got them could not adjust up or down.... the adjuster thing was broken and im in the process of talkin to the pple in replacing them.
i will def post pics...finding time to do them is another thing =P
thanks for your help guys =)
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