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So i went to a local shop to see how much theyll charge me to paint the lip and the sides and the back of the car. The guy said that for the whole thing, its 110$. Is that a reasonable price or no?

Thanks everybody! :D
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o_O 110 really wow that is so cheap... probably a 1 stage paint... will they match the color and clear coat it???? where is that place at lol...
That seems pretty reasonable !
That will look good if you paint it!
Yeah thats a good deal.
Yeah that seems pretty cheap, I got a quote for just my sideskirts $225, he said he'll guarantee that the paint matches.

But that sounds good.
Thanks everybody.

i have a friend who knows a guy, so im getting hooked up.
The guy said everything's included, the prime,paint,etc
i thought you had to bake polyurethane? that is a good price.... thats about how much im going to get my sport bumper painted for....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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