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questions about installing a new deck

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i wanna get a new deck for my versa and i just had some questions about bluetooth and the satellite radio

i drive an '09 SL and i got the package that included the steering wheel controls with bluetooth and XM satellite radio
so im wondering if i install a new double din deck, will i lose these functions or have to subscribe to sat. radio again?
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You won't lose all the controls completely. If you go onto they sell steering wheel control adapters for the correct deck. You may have to re-subscribe to SAT radio, but I'm not 100% sure. I would call a customer service rep for your provider and make sure before you change out the deck.

As far with Bluetooth goes, there are some adapters just like the steering wheels controls but I haven't heard anybody ever change them out. Your sound quality will drastically improve, along with replacing the stock speakers with aftermarket brands.
thanks for the info
seems like with the bluetooth i should just get a deck that has it built in cause it'll sound better?

and it doesnt look like crutchfield ships to canada :(
oops double post!
Get a deck that has it built in, you could wire the stock harness to an aftermarket adapter made for the deck. Sound quality won't be noticable. Not sure what the wire diagram looks like for the bluetooth steering controls.
does anyone know with a pioneer AVH deck if ill have to buy the xm sat. radio tuner? just wondering cause isnt the antenna for the satellite radio embedded in the base of the radio antenna? (that chubby base the long skinny antenna comes out of)
yes you will lose the factory satellite radio. if you want to retain the satellite radio you will need the pioneer adapter and swap over the sat radio id's
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