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Questions regarding upgrades

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hi all, can anyone answer a few of my questions? i am reading thru the forum but thought id make this thread in the mean time and hopefully settle the answers once and for all.. so here goes

How can i get the rear seats with the pulldown center piece installed in my 2007 versa? will the rear seats from a newer 2012 model hatchback fit flush? or how else can i get this done? has anyone ever tried using newer model seats in an 07 tiida?

i'd also like to upgrade my suspension so it doesnt bottom out with sudden braking. i had to do a sudden stop for a dog that tried to cross the road at the absolutely wrong time. i didnt like how the front of the car dipped as the suspension gave in. i wasnt driving too fast, maybe 40-50kmph but i had to make the stop within just a few feet from the dog or id have hit him. id like to upgrade them to be stronger but also give a smooth ride. not very interested in racing springs or drop low. want something for strength and smoothness of ride. what would u guys recommend?

that's it for now i think. when i have more questions for my crazy ideas ill be back lol.

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