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Quick CD Burning Question?

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Hi! So we've got a Nissan and I've tried burning mp3 CD-R's with both Windows Media Player and iTunes, and when I stick the CD in the player in the car, it'll just give me one long track with nothing on it. Anyone else have this problem? :)
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are you sure your CD player will play MP3's? That's what happens when you put an mp3 CD into a CD player that can't read mp3s as a data file. The CD player only recognizes it as data, but can't decode it.

you may need to burn the MP3 onto the CD in an audio format. It's an old solution to an even older problem. That'll dramatically decrease the number of songs you can fit on the CD (12-20 typically), but it'll then read in your CD player.
what is a CD?

LOL just kidding but I haven't touched an actual CD in probably close to 3 years.
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