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The 2014 Versa Note has a larger radio din and a wider radio to fit in it. I think this was done for aesthetic reasons. With the new wider radio, the outside edges line up nicely with the outer edges of the vents. Everything is identical except for the size of the radio hole. The 2014 radio is the same size as before from the face back. The only differences are the face of the radio and hole has been widened to make the lines look better. It does look smoother and cleaner but it's a PITA if you're wanting to swap in an aftermarket radio. As of right now, there isn't a faceplate kit.

If you want to install an aftermarket single or double din radio in a 2014 note, it's easier if you get a 2012-2013 Versa (sedan or hatch) bezel. They are interchangeable.


After looking at another post on here ->

<- it looks like the 2014 Versa sedan has the same bezel/dash piece as the 2012 sedan/hatch and the 2013 sedan (no hatch for 2013).... only the 2014 Versa Note has the larger radio/dash hole. Kind of weird.

Here is the Note's interior. Notice how the radio (navigation unit) has edges that line up with the outer edges of the two vents above it. The base radio is the same larger size.

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