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Quick questions re: iPod/Radio/Bluetooth...

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My new Versa has an option to play my music over my iPod, like most of the newer models. However, if I'm playing the radio and shut off my car, when I turn the car on, it will briefly play the radio station and then immediately turn on my iPod, forcing me to switch back to the radio. Am I missing something, or will this always happen if I don't physically disconnect my iPod from the car on each use? Currently, I just leave it hidden in my car.

Also, has anyone has had a problem with the Bluetooth system? Mine will tell me "invalid entry" at times when I'm trying to call someone, but they're clearly in my phone. It just hasn't been as smooth of a transition as I thought it would be.

Thanks! I tried searching the forums to find an answer, but couldn't -- thought I'd post a new thread.
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Have you taken it to the dealer and told them about it?
For the bluetooth you have to add each number into the Bluetooth system (at least if you want to simply say "call home"). However you can make a call to any number by dialing it on your phone or verbally saying it outloud and it will work. But if you want to add in each contact to use voice commands with it; you will need to add those entries into your vehicle.

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I have an appointment on Saturday to talk to the dealer.

Hmm. Iluv: I was told that you could just hook it up and it would read your phonebook. After all, I haven't added anyone and sometimes it works properly. I'll have to look tonight -- I was certain that you didn't need to do that, but maybe I was wrong.
I heard that you could just hook it up as well but I could never figure out the 'transfer' feature. So I simply added in the names that I knew I would call most often, and added those in one by one. I have switched phones three times since owning the car and each time I've been able to disable the old one and add the new one with no issues or problems. I love having this feature in the car.
Thanks for your help! I will try to do this tonight -- solved one problem for me. :) I was getting so frustrated.
Thanks for your help! I will try to do this tonight -- solved one problem for me. :) I was getting so frustrated.
If you figure out the 'transfer' feature from phone to bluetooth let me know.

When I originally picked up the car back in 08, the salesman had me sit in the car while he set it all up. I just did the voice commands when needed. It was great. I got to drive off the lot with the bluetooth working. It's not too complicated of a system to work; but the 'transfer' feature from phone to bluetooth has never worked for me. I could never figure it out, lol ... If you do, let me know :)
Do you remember how he got to the mode to manually enter numbers and assign them names? I went through this while driving home from work just now and there was no option to "add" your own name/number that I could find.

Seems to be lots of people with this issue:
See post # 13...
I haven't added a number in a long time, but I have to go out in a bit, so I'll check then.
I have added numbers easily with no issues; I just have to look at the manual and test it out again.
I'll post tonight for ya.
Ok I just tried it out.

Push the button on the left, the one you'd use to make a call.

Then say "Phonebook new entry" and follow the instructions from there. If you say "help" at any time it will give you a list of commands. You can even change the ringtone. :)

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My boyfriend and I just sat in my car for 30 minutes and could not get it to recognize "new entry" or "transfer entry," despite the owner's manual being right in front of us and telling us what to do.

I'm going to have them deal with it on Saturday.

* Bluetooth problems - completely messed up, occasionally acting like I have no contacts.
* iPod always turning on when I turn my car on -- doesn't stay on radio, automatically switches to iPod. (This may just be the car.)
* Keyless entry refuses to recognize key in my pocket or on passenger's seat on occasion -- have tested with both keys.

Thanks so much for your help -- I just wish it would work. It may be something I'm not doing right, but I don't think it is.
Really? That is weird. Did you guys set up the bluetooth originally? Does it recognize voices (or can any speaker use it)?
I'd get the dealership to test it out for you then. A family friend has an 09 Murano, and she had asked me to set up her bluetooth when she first got it. However, it would not even let me into the bluetooth menu; it never recognized her phone (or any phone). She took it into the dealership and they had to fix it (and did so under warranty).
They connected the phones, but they never went in and set it up. Any speaker can use it -- I went through the system to say a ton of commands tonight but then cancelled, since I don't want to mess with anything speaker-specific until I realize why we can't even get it to "transfer entry" or do a "new entry." The ONLY option was to "list names," even when I pressed help. No option to change the ringtone, unless I missed that -- it may be buried where the "individual voice set up" is (where you say all the phrases).

We tried this with my boyfriend's phone, too -- kind of frustrating for a new purchase! I still love the car itself. I'm hoping the dealer can figure it out, because we sure as hell can't! :p
I always thought it was voice specific, which is why my salesman sat in the car and set it up, but had me talk when it asked for commands. It knows that it belongs to "Ashley ------"

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Just got back from dealership.

They're replacing a faulty antenna in my car that's causing the keyless entry to not always work.

However, the Bluetooth: they "tested it" once in the 5 hours they had it and it worked properly. They had a salesman come out and do it for them. Well, when I go to pick it up, they tell me that they tested it and it worked -- this ruffled my feathers. We both sat in the car and the Bluetooth continued to not work. I explained that we can't manually add an entry or transfer an entry (thanks so much for pointing that out before our looking at the manual!). He was perplexed that it wasn't working, so they're ordering me a new Bluetooth system.

I've read up on this -- several people have had similar issues with not having a "manual add entry" option. As this is a new car, I refuse to not have that entry available as it should be per the manual. So, we will see what happens when a new Bluetooth system comes.

Will update then!
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That sucks that there are all those problems already, but I'm glad they are ordering you the new parts. It should have worked from day one, so they should definitely be fixing it for you !
Update: dealership installed new Bluetooth system in my car. Bluetooth system would still NOT pull up my phonebook reliably or any other phone book (technician tried his, also tried my boyfriend's). Spent three hours with salesman, different technicians, etc, and they can't figure it out. They did confirm that my model does NOT come with the option to "transfer entries" to your car -- the manual says that it should and as does the actual Bluetooth system, but "Phonebooth > Transfer Entry" is NOT an option. They are calling Nissan corporate on Monday because they're stumped and every phone they've tried are phones that are listed on Nissan's web site as working.

Dealership has been wonderful, even when I got visibly upset with them (my original salesman came out to talk to me -- thought that was nice!) -- said they understood and that, if they just bought a new car and this happened, they'd be furious, too. :)
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Hi, reopening this thread on Versa Built-In Bluetooth with a twist.

I have an iPhone 4 and now a 5 and when I get a call, I don't hear the ringtone from the factory bluetooth system. No matter what the ringtone type and ringtone is not on silent and active. If I am listening to music, the radio stops playing and I see after a few rings the "telephone" prompt on the radio head unit, and then press the button to answer. I did some research earlier and see that it's an iPhone issue with the type of BT protocol it uses.

I paired a new BB Q10 with it to test and an incoming call produces the ringtone thru the stereo loud and clear.

I can live with this, just extended my amount of time my phone rings before going to voicemail to 40 seconds, so that I would have time to answer the call with steering wheel button. When the call comes in, it actually rings on the phone 3 or 4 times before I see the Radio prompt and the music shuts off (if I am playing CD, radio, AUX or XM).

However, would be nice to hear the ringtone. When paired in the car, the iPhone does not ring even if silent is off.

Any body see a workaround for this, or maybe an Iphone App that can help?

Thanks in advance, Ken
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