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Racingline Versa short throw shifter 1.8L

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Review on racingline short shifter for 1.8L

The install is pretty straight forward. You don’t remove any existing parts you simply add the new pieces onto what you already have. I did run into some road blocks with the materials in the kit.

I’ll start with the quality of the pieces 8.5/10, It was all CNC machined aluminum however some pieces didn’t fit quite right. I only had 3 road blocks with the kit.

1) The original shift cable retaining clip did not fit in the new shift cable bracket that Racingline supplied, I had to dremel the retaining clip down on each side in order to make fit in the bracket they supplied.

2) The 10mm bolt they give you in the kit is too long and wont tighten up completely against the new shift cable bracket. I ended up having to use a shorter 10mm bolt I had laying around.

3) The instructions are not the greatest. Pictures are black & white and hard to see. I would have been helpful if they went into greater detail with the written instructions

The kit has a riser to raise the battery up to clear the new STS pieces that you have bolted to the existing linkage.

Now, onto the good parts : After the installation the new shifter feels less sloppy, more firm and direct as it goes in and out of gear. The throws are significantly shorter I’d say by around 40-50%

Overall, I'm satisfied the short shifter kit. It does exactly what it says it will do, just be prepared in case you have the similar problems I did.
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Glad to hear you're happy. I hope someone makes one for the 1.6 soon.
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