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Radiator Fan always on

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good day guys,
im new to the forum and and came here because I have a 08 Nissan Versa SL HB, and yesterday the radiator cooling fan came on permanently, it starts as soon as i start the engine and stops when i turn it off; it's really annoying and im worried this could lead to serious damage.

also last nite i drove in the middle of serious rain and the AC compressor went off.. so I was left with only the heat blower to defog my windscreen.

do you think these issues are related? or has anyone have the same problem? :frown
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AC compressor "went off" as in what? Stopped working? AC will come on automatically in any defrost position, was the knob in the defrost position? Was the AC button light on? Fan will engage high speed anytime AC clutch is engaged. Maybe you just happened to leave the knob in a defrost position and thought the fan operation as abnormal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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