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You can use a test light yo see if has power, but I am sure is the antenna. Through the years I have work on cars removing and installing radios, (at home), i have realize that in most of them the antenna plucg/cable also serves as a ground. Hope this jelps, and by the way, there is a plug for the connection to an aftermarket radio.

Hello all

New to the forum, bought a 2012 versa in October as my winter and daily commuter. Decided to throw in an after market radio so I went online to purchase a wiring harness for the unit. Strangely, the harness said "Subaru" on it, yet it fits the versa, but then Nissan does make a lot of car parts used by almost all major manufacturer, so I am not too surprise

Anyways, after wiring up the unit, I move on to disassmble the dash, and notice that the versa doesn't use a standard antenna plug pin. There is a separate plug, grey color, retengular, which I assume to be the antenna. Upon doing my research, i found wiring adapter for this as well to confirm my assumption, all is good, I figure I can just purchase this adapter

I move on to plug in the after market unit anyways to test it, and notice that it will not power up, at this point, I don't have the antenna plugged in yet. So I went back to the factory deck to see if it will power up, and notice that it will not power up unless the grey, assumed to be antenna plug, is plugged in.

Here is my question, is this really an antenna plug? Or is it some form of weird power plug? If this is a power plug, where is the antenna? I dont want to fry the after market unit by feeding a 12v feed to the antenna jack (Assuming the grey plug is live)

I am sure my wiring is good, its not that complex.....

Any help will be appreciated..

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