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I wanted your suggestions/opnions on the following tires, to help me pick one.
If possible please rank the top 3 of how you would choose.

Nitto NT650 - $68.34 (Buy Tires Online -

Toyo TEOPlus - $88.49 (Buy Tires Online -

Pirelli CINTURATO P1 - $100.47 (asymmetric tread) (CINTURATO)

Toyo TYJ50 - Unknown cost (Buy Tires Online -

All of the above are from one shop, which offers me the follow services for free.

FREE Tire Fitting
FREE Wheel Balancing
FREE Nitrogen Filling
FREE Car Checkup
FREE Tire Rotation every 10,000 KM for the lifetime of the tires

The below are from other shops

Goodyear - $96.93

Dunlop - $81.68. However speed rating is T (88T), which is not as good as above H rated tires.

I am inclined to to using a H speed rating tyre (i go fast + high temperatures). Also i am inclined to buying tyres from the shop offering the free services.

I am confused over Toyo TEOPlus, and Pirelli.

I wanted to know what you guys would do if you were me. Please rank top 3 tires from the list.

Thank you for reading so much text :p

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What size tire?

If it's the standard 185/65 15's I'd go with the least expensive on your list.

I'm not a huge walmart fan, but their in stock or ship to store tire prices are tough to beat. You can carry them out or have them install. I've mail ordered lots from eBay and DTD as well.
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