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I Drive a 2011 1.6L Sedan, with about 56,000 miles and I got it back in October. I love the car, but whenever I begin accelerating for about 2 seconds; I get a very annoying rattling sound. After I get going though, the rattling stops. It's very brief, and I tune it out a lot but when I do hear it, it's really annoying. Any idea on what it could be? Clutch problem? Something Loose? I'd really like to know if anyone else had this problem too.

Side Note: I got into a minor front end collision with it about two months after I bought it, but the rattling has always happened even before the accident. I don't know if this means anything, I just thought it might be important to some.

Thank you!

As for the rattling sound, it could be many things. First off, if you can get under the car or get it up on a lift, I would check the exhaust system components such has hangers and U clamps. Also make sure that none of the exhausts system pipes are touching the frame or body. Even if everything looks good, there could be the possibility of one of the interior baffles in the muffler may have come loose, and is causing the sound you hear. If everything looks good from underneath, I would check the engine compartment to insure that all the components are securely fastened. Good luck!!!
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