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REAL Header (not obx crap)

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A buddy of mine is extremely good at header work... :hurray:

on my previous ride (07 acura tl-s) I was one of the first to test out his header and to this day he is the only 1 to have a functional header for that car

here are some pics

the way that vehicle is the header outlets are cast to the block, so the only thing you get is a 4bolt flange... so he came out with custom 4bolt flange to straightpipe :eatpopcorn:

I am sending him pictures of the OBX header now, so that he can take a look at it

My idea is for a race header similar to the honda fit race header

in order for him to get down we'd need 50people to jump in... but I will try and have him do a smaller batch
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Let us know how it goes. DC is suppose to have a header soon. It also needs to be made to not have a CEL.
would this be dyno tested and made towards performance? or just thrown together like obx? im gonna wait for DC stuff :)
Yeah I'm waiting for dc, but dc's quality has hit the shitter in recent times...
from my understanding they are doing well and take very precise when it comes to the R&D of their products.
so y doesn't their website work lol
Looks like they might be doing some updates possibly. Haven't been to the site other than just now but most of it isn't functional if you want to get more details on a part.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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