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Rear Deck Spoiler

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Hi guys,

I am an owner of a '13 black Versa sedan, getting step by step on the stuff i'm putting on it. Wanting to know a bit of info regarding the rear spoiler, any thoughts on the looks of the car afterwards, is installation easy?

Also on another matter, my car didn't come with the foglights(S version) and i want them but getting really hard to find, any thoughts on where i could get those online.
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sorry edit the fog lights are found
Ebay! found a set for $75 in a less than 2 min search..
I've only seen one person do the install of the spoiler so far. He bought the cheapest he could find from what I remember and it came with no instructions or template I think but he said the install was fairly easy, just be very careful because once you stick the tape on it's not moving. You will have to drill holes for the bolts as well.
I bought mine plus Fog lights but my car was not per wired for fog lights so I sliced the wires to work with my headlights. And the spoiler was super easy but putting the bolts on is a little tricky you might need 2ppl
Welcome to the forums.
Thanks for the help guys! Appreciate it.
Hi, Im Arturo I live in Costa Rica, Im the proud owner of a nissan versa (tiida in my country) hatcback SE six speed :) I just found this forum and signed in. I just want to say hello to everyone and hope I can found interesting things about nissan versa,

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