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Rear Foglight Bulb (jdm style) on eBay???

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anyone seen the rear foglight bulb... looks pretty good for $31 bucks

search via ebay "XRear Bumper Light"
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What is the purpose of this rear foglight bulb?
it is used so that everyone can see you in case of heavy fog. It is very bright, brighter than your tail lights. :p
here's a vid to wat it looks like
Oh I see ... I know some NBs have rear fogs too.

Not anything I'm interested in installing. I wouldn't like it on my Versa.
It's nice, for the Honda guys lol. I don't think it's sensible for a $31 light that makes you visible in the fog, then to chop a hole in the bumper, and hassle the wiring for it.
I ordered it... going to wire it to the license plate light :)

the hole is no biggie at all... I am a Honda guy tho this is my 2nd nissan but I've had 5 honda/acura

still trying to track down a pair of sidemarkers
Mmm sidemarkers, now that's what I'd be interested in :D
I'm going to end up throwing some BMW smoked sidemarkers off a m5 or something cuz I don't find any tiida:20:
cool... I will look into it later... would help also since the harness will be there to simply be a plug and play...
I am going to use a couple LED strips to do the same. I used some as side turn signals.
Nice, post pics when you install it.
it is for sale, I traded in the versa over a year ago
how much? If you still have it for next month i might be able to buy it. No shipping needed im on long island
maybe a dumb question but did you trade for that beautiful ser ?
it is for sale, I traded in the versa over a year ago
Why dont you put it on your Sentra? :biggrinjester:
Ive had made a rear fog out of a 3 dot led side marker from canadian tire ive had the same one from my mazda mx6, i liked it so much that i put it on my versa ... The wires run from my liscence plate lights like that it only goes on when i turn on my lights... Best part of it is when ppl follow me im easy to spot lol
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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