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Rear spindle question

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Dealer mechanics failed to do as I asked and sand my rear shoes. The right rear was squeeling since I drove it off the lot 800 miles ago. Instead of wasting another trip (2.5 hours the last time) I called and said I would just do it myself. I need some info though.

Does anyone know what the torque spec is for the spindle nylon lock nut? I can find specs for lots of Nissans (137-184lbs) but nothing for the 2012 with the nylon lock nut (no cap and cotter key).

Oh, and for a good laugh, here is what the mechanic said caused the sound...

"There was a spring rubbing on the back plate. I greased it."

The spring he was talking about was the coil around the emergency brake cable lol. Sorry dude, go back to school.
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Finally found a dealer with a service guy willing to look up the spec for me.
The spec they gave me was 85-90 Ft. Lbs.

Now I just hope they told me right since several other Nissans are 137-184.
[email protected] the dumb mechanic.

Good luck!
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