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Rear tower brace

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Hey, does anyone that has gotten the rear shock tower brace from UR know if it's done anything to the chassis / changed the way the car feels?

I do believe I've seen one if I'm not mistaken on iluvmyversa08 perhaps?
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Hemifan has it, hopefully he can chime in here.
yes I have it lol its on a sedan though but it tightened up the back of the car really well I also have a trunk brace which helped with the flex in the back, if its going on a hatch it will look different then it does on mine since I have the sedan and the trunk brace mine is backwards for how its supposed to fit.

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You have both?? lol that's surprising. So you probably have 0 flex in the rear with that much support. But if you didn't have your 4pt trunk brace, could you feel the difference of no tower brace and with it on? It also looks like you tore into your fabric, I don't think that's necessary for the hatch. Or is it? :question:
I also have the front strut bar, a rear sway bar, and lowering springs lol and yes it has very little flex and without the trunk brace you could feel the difference. I don't believe the trunk brace will work in the hatch since its made for the sedan, and I did have to cut the trunk lining to get the rear shock brace to fit since it wasn't made for the sedan it was made for the hatch. you shouldn't need to cut anything to put the bar in the hatch.
Cool thanks for the input! :thumb2:
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