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Just wanted to share with everyone how I connected my new rear camera on my 2009 versa SL hatch.

Run camera wire (RCA and red power connector) from head unit to back of car hiding the cable under the trim panels. s-l1600.jpg
Remove rear driver light unit (Parking lights, Brake Lights and backup lights) Google changing bulbs to how-to videos if you've never done it.
Remove green pin from back of light unit, this allows you to access inside the car without drilling. IMG-0352.JPG
Fish RCA and red power cable from head unit thru the new opening behind the light unit IMG-0350.JPG
For power connector, it is the Grey plug, middle wire. (They are all black) IMG-0349.JPG
I connected the red wire from the RCA cable with the power connector for the camera and the middle wire
With the light unit removed, you will have access to put a coat hanger from the licence plate opening up to around the light unit opening. IMG-0351.JPG

Run your wires down to the license plate and connect to camera.

I didn't need to ground the camera, it worked but decided not to chance it, ran the ground wire back into the car and tied it to the bolt holding the light unit.
Re-attach light unit to car.
Test to ensure it is working.
Success: unnamed.jpg
Total installation time (Just camera and wires, not Head Unit) was about 2 hours mainly to figure out where to route the cables without disassembling the trunk and bumper.
Having to do it all again on the same car would probably be less than 1/2 hour.
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