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Recommend an Alarm Please! :)

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I know there are plenty of alarm post, none seem to give any serious alarm suggestions. So I'm asking, what's a good alarm for the versa? I have a hatchback S, and from what I read on other post OEM isn't an option for me. As a citizen of the DMV, being in DC happens often and I don't want that to stop me from upgrading to an awesome new Head unit. So help meh out folks! please! Price range is up to $200, and I want the dealer to install it since I have the 75k gold warranty(don't want no smack bout an alarm causing the a/c to break or something :biggrinjester:lol), so try to stay as close to that as possible.
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Viper! I've had one for close to 2 years and no issues.
I looked those up and they seem expensive. VIPER 5704V FULL FEATURE CAR ALARM WITH REMOTE START AND 2-WAY PAGER: Electronics
I found this one on amazon and a review said with the install it was $500 that seems crazy to mean, but this is my first car. If I were to purchase this one do you see the dealer charging me 300? I don't plan to install auto start, so I think that would bring it down some.
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