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Recommendations for stereo components

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My 2007 Versa came with the base sound system installed and so has no ability to connect an iPhone. For the past two months I have managed to get by with CDs and radio stations, but I've been missing terribly my custom-crafted, commercial-free Pandora One stations. As I approach the point where the finances are in-place to purchase new components, I'm wondering what recommendations this forum's members may have.

What I'm dead-set on:
- Bluetooth AND cabled iPhone functionality. Bluetooth for when my battery is good, cabled for when it's not so good.
- Orange display and button color. Maybe it's silly but I have a strong dislike for stereos that don't match up with the car.

What I don't need:
- Ridiculous bass response.

I'm planning on doing the stereo installation first. After that I'll be replacing the stock speakers with models that have better power handling capacity (one speaker per paycheck, of course.)

Suggestions, pictures and links are welcome!

- Matt
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are you going to run pandora through your phone? if so then all you need is a bluetooth radio with front input and usb...
I just picked up a Pioneer DEH-X6500BT for $129.99 at crutchfield.
it has iPhone compatibility for 5/4S/4/3GS/3G/2G and built in Bluetooth. you can also set it to any color you want.
so yes it can be the same as dash. they also include the wire harness, antenna adapter and mounting bracket. all for that price!
es it does have bass boost but you can set it to your comfort. so you do not have to have "Ridiculous bass response".
I replaced my factory radio in a 2010 Versa HB recently with a Kenwood radio from They included all the hardware and parts. I did not get a CD player because I no longer own any CD's. I put all my music on a USB drive and play off that. My total cost was about $90. I would not get HD radio. The reception is not good and my local audio guy says it is not worth it. Sold the old radio on Ebay for $50.
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