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The purpose of the brochures is to increase traffic on website and let everyone know what our purpose is.

Directions on how to print Nissan Versa Forums brochures:

There are two of them, the first one is the front/back cover, the 2nd one is the inside cover.

  • Print out the front/back cover
  • Turn over from top to bottom so the front cover is facing toward you upside down with blank side
  • Place back in printer
  • Print on the blank side (rotate PDF counter-clockwise twice so it's upside down)
  • Inside cover should print on blank side
  • Let dry for 15-30 minutes
  • Cut along edges with scissors or anything that is sharp
  • Fold directly in the center
  • Plant in on any Versa you see at a parking lot!
Recommended paper: High gloss or matte paper 8.5" x 11" for printing out the brochures.

If you're going to print in color, please use that type of paper because it will make a difference. The color will show up easier. If you're out of color ink or don't want to use that, then printing it out in b/w ink is ok. When you print out in b/w ink, use regular printer/copier paper since it's cheap and redundant.

This is the type of paper I'm using currently, you can use this or anything that is related.

Whenver you see a Versa in a parking lot, place the brochure preferably on the windshield where they can easily detect it. Again, hopefully this will help you guys out. Good luck!
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