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Red Dome Light

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I want to replace the dome light in my 2008 Nissan Versa S model. It is dull and I don't like it. I want to replace it with a bright red light. I found one on ebay and I was curious if anyone knew if it fits my Versa. If not, can someone please provide me to a link of one that will fit in my Versa. All help is appreciate. Thank you.

The link below shows the light I found on ebay.
12 x SMD T10 Wedge Red Dome/Map LED Light Bulbs - eBay (item 120750364239 end time Sep-13-11 16:16:41 PDT)
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That looks about right. My LED dome light is a panel style, not wedge, it wires into the plug and sits on the cover when its closed.
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