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Hey to the forum, and there aren't many questions posed about the engine temperature warning lights.

I've got a 2007 SL with CVT, and driving the other day in Denver the outside temp was in the high 90's. On the highway, going around 70, the red temp light comes on and I can tell the A/C stops working. Still blowing, but not A/C cold. Then about a minute or two later, the light goes off, and the A/C blows cold again. The car did this for about 15 miles: red light on, A/C off; red light off, A/C on again...

Anyone had any problems like this? I was originally thinking thermostat, but don't those just stay stuck closed, or stuck open? There's not much out there that I could find on thermostat replacement; some for the Sentra and Maxima, but none for the Versa. And from what I understand, there's two thermostats?

Any help would be much appreciated. Come to Denver and I'll buy you a beer!

Any luck with your issue, I’m having the exact same problem. my over temp light comes on for a minute or two blows hot air turns off then I have cold air again. Let me know what you find out and I’ll do the same if I figure out the issue . Good luck
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