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Nissan needs to fire the guy that thinks this looks good.

Now that Datsun is back :
Datsun = Cheap car market.
Nissan = Mid Range. (exception to the GTR)
Inifinity = High Range.

From what I see, In my Country, they have rebranded it as the New Almera with a 1.5l engin, and the Tiida has been completely removed from the Range.

the next jump is the New Sentra with the exact same HR16De Engin as in the juke,Quasqi,Tiida, with a better sofware tune. (On this forum somewhere I have askde some questions about the diffrence, and came to the conclusion it is Ecu tuning, that makes the diffrince).
The Sentra is Awsome.. Just feel that it needs some 2l or 1.6T HP under the hood.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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