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Welcome to the forum. Remote start is definitely possible on a manual car. Like mentioned above if you have a chipped key it may be very difficult though. Not sure how they work around that as all the manual cars I've seen with remote start didn't have chipped keys.

It will not void your warranty. It can however void any electrical portion of your warranty on your vehicle. Meaning if you have electrical problems after and nissan finds the fault to be the remote start they will not cover it. But say your transmission dies it should still be covered. It is nissan responsibility to prove the remote start caused the problem. Then again though I'm sure a dealer can find a way to prove the remote start was your problem no matter what. That is why they call them $tealerships :).

I would contact your local dealer and ask them that question and maybe try and get something in writing. And definitely go to a reputable installer which will back their work and warranty it. I wouldn't go to the lowest bidder.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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