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you could put it. i have a remote start on my versa. i dont use it really. its a pain to set i need to have the car on let go of the clutch , press the brake and then pull up the e brake. but thats my alarm. i have friends that just press the buttom and it starts and they dont do no steps....
if you like to have your car warm in the morning then you should get it haha.

Hi! This is my first thread ... pretty excited!

I have an '08 6-speed Versa, and I was curious about getting remote start.
I have asked random people I know and they have mentioned that it's possible to get remote start on a stick shift, but that some places don't recommend it. I understand I would have to park it in Neutral with the E brake, which is fine for me. Is there any other mechanical reasons/problems with getting it, besides the important "is it possible" question? I don't know a lot of in-depth car mechanical things so this is why I'm asking haha.

My second concern is that if I get it somewhere other than a Nissan dealer, will it void my warranty?

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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