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remote start issue at best buy

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I have an 11 versa and am getting a viper 5901 installed. They showed me a service bulletin saying remote installers on 07-09 have issues with the fuel pump sending gas to the car once the cars been shut off for over 30 minutes. I called dealership and they said it doesn't apply to the 11 or else it would say so on the sheet. I have intelligent key. Best buy just called me saying it was working, then it just stopped and won't turn over anymore. Does anyone have a remote start on an 11 or an earlier versa? Did they have any issues. Any suggestions? I'm worried here.
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I had one on my 09 S sedan. I didn't have any problems with it. It started every time at anytime. They must have not put it in right. Hope this helps.
Thanks it did. They got it working. Turned out it was a small crack in a fuse so it tested ok but didn't work. I noticed it grinded once when it started but has been fine since. Is this ever happen to you? I'm not sure if I'm just worrying way too much and imagining things.
Mine grinded a couple of times owning my system. It would do it about twice a month, using it about 20 times a month give or take. Normally it was only in the winter. I never had any problems with the grinding effecting the car. I don't think id worry about it too many times, but maybe you could ask best buy why it does that.....
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