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Remove Spoiler? Tips or thoughts?

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Hi There,

The spoiler on my 2010 SL Hatchback prevents us from using our hatch mounted bike rack. I'd like to remove the spoiler but am not sure where to start. Ideas?
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well your gonna have 4 holes in your hatch,,the double sided tape will need to come off,unless you can come up with a way to plug the holes off I would take it to a body shop to have them do it
Yeah there will be holes in the hatch. Anyway it's held in by four (if I recall) bolts that come down from the spoiler and attach to nuts inside the hatch. You have to remove the top interior trim piece to access them.
or go with plan B.

fold rear seats, remove front tires from the bikes, especially if they have quick release screws, and put them in the back seat.

or go with plan C.
Pull the trigger and get roof racks.
Or plan D find someone with a rear hatch the same color as you who wants a spoiler but doesn't have one.
Mine is magnetic grey =P whats yours?
This is a how-to on INSTALLING the spoiler, removing it should be similar. And, as you can see, it was drilled so it'll have holes you'll have to plug/shave(cover). :thumbsup:

Just Installed a Factory Rear Spoiler : Versa General Chat
When I look on the inside of the hatch door I only see bolts for the hinge of the hatch. I don't see any that could be holding the spoiler down unless the bolts for the hinge are also for the spoiler.
That's weird. I have a sedan though so I dont really know how it looks. Post pics if you can.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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