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Removing front bumper

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How do u do it? i don't want to break anything else that isn't broken on my car.
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start under the hood with the grill then wheel well liners and under-body splash shields. lots of 10mm bolts and plastic retaining clips.
removing is easy replacing it back its a little tricky but if you have a 2nd pair of hand its easier :p
youve never taken your front bumper off? come by my house.... i will help you....
naw ive never taken it off, when i get my lights and bumper ill head over to ur pad to do everything. i bought a new plastic tab that connects the bumper to fender. 25 whoppn bux jeezzzzz!!!! my hids come in the mail tmrw, im stoked!
DDM kit 35w 6000k H3
h3? is for another set of headlights? we use H4....
Just installed my HID's tonight. 8000k a preety simple process took about 1hr to 1.5hr with breaks. Looks sick though. also found out I have the wires for my fogs all I need is the lights themselves so hello JDM yellow fogs
h3 cuz those are wat the projectors take
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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