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Removing front license plate holder?

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I have seen a few of you have done this, can someone please explain how? Thanks.
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Mine never had it on but I believe its 2 screws. It looks alot better without it.
Yes, it does... I haven't taken a look at it yet, if it's just 2 screws then awesome.
Two screws to take it off, then you have to use some filler for the holes it leaves. I agree front plates are 100% stupid. I wish my province didn't require them, and I know way too many people that have received a ticket for not having one, or just putting it in their windsheild, to try it myself.
Yeah...shouldn't be hard to remove. And the holes left after removing it arent too bad. I had them in my old car and they weren't really noticeable.
Yep, just 2 holes... will be removing it soon. I've never used filler before (I have no idea how to do anything to cars really) so I hope I can just leave the holes.
Same here. I'd rather deal with the 2 holes than spend money getting the bumper painted. That money can go toward something else.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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