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removing rear plastic panels help!

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i have a 08 SL that came with the stock sub, and was wondering if you guys/gals have any tips of removing those plastic panels in the trunk space without breaking the clips that holds it in?
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You might have to just pray for the best. I removed all of my panels from the hatch to get to the antenna recently, and most of those plastic pop-in clips just popped right out with the slightest pressure. One of them was stubborn and ended up snapping in half. Good luck
Same here. Chipped one tab upon removal, but still works. take er easy, should be ok
Do yourself a favor and pick up a box of THESE
Panel Retainers by Auveco Products P/N 20668.
It's a box of 15 and you'll be glad you have 'em when replacing interior panels.
do those retainers fit the exterior wheel walls as well?
do those retainers fit the exterior wheel walls as well?
like where the front wheels are there are push type clips that holds that plastic cover (outside), the cover is to get into the engine compartment area for people who have Cold Air Intakes, they would need to remove the cover in order to get to the filter. sorry i don't know how to describe it.
No, the clips I linked to are for the interior panels and I believe the tail lights on the side.
The web site link has plenty of fasteners, so a search might turn up what you're after.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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