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Can anyone confirm if its a T45 torx bolt on the autotensioner in a 2007 mr18de? I'm trying to remove the timing cover without pulling the engine and there's only like 1" of space in there...

Long background story - My gf's car (has about 50k miles and also has extended gold warranty from nissan) developed engine problems and she took to dealer. They refused to service the car because she didn't have proper documentation for every oil change and want to charge her $5k to $6k for new engine (but she had taken the car to dealer for several services including major oil service at 30k miles or whatever). Ironically, nissan sends her a postcard later offering to buy her car back if she ever wants to sell because "they can tell she takes great care if her care due to the service records they have in their system". So anyways after getting ripped off by an independent mechanic she took the car to for a 2nd opinion the car was assigned to me to fix in my spare time.

So a leak down test suggests a cracked ring in cylinder 2. So my thought was I could pull the head with the engine in place, drop oil pan etc, and inspect piston and cylinder/replace ring (if that is indeed the case) and put it all back together. I'm not sure if that was such a great idea because of the huge amounts of torque needed to loosen various bolts in hard to reach places. If anyone knows for sure why this is a terrible idea please let me know. I've gotten almost everything taken off to pull the header except for the timing cover and cams, so that's where I'm at...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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