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Rented a 2012 Chevy Cruze!

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Well, my V was involved in a small fender bender so the "other" insurance company provided me with a rental while my baby gets fixed. I was hoping for a Versa hatch but got a Cruze. It was free so no complaints here. Its auto with "sports" mode. It it fast but I wouldnt trade my V for it. Damage was worth almost $2K. Fender and side view mirror have to be replaced, bumper and door have to be repainted.
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damn dude that sucks about the V but at least they are fixing it up and gave you a rental what does it have for a engine in the cruze?
Yes it does. I wish it would've never happened but oh well, its part of life. I believe the Cruze has a 1.8 litre with Ecogas.
Sorry about your V. Sounds like you are ok. I hope so. I hope you have a good day.
My back hurts but yeah, Im ok, thanks. You do the same.
Good to hear it isn't worse, and you are welcome! :-D
The Cruze is an OK car, I've also had it as a rental a few times. Much better mileage than the Versa, for me at least.
It's funny you say its fast, it only has 138hp, But I guess that is an upgrade from the versa
Lol Not the way Im driving it. Haha Now I see why they say its not good to buy old rentals.
It's funny you say its fast, it only has 138hp, But I guess that is an upgrade from the versa
Hey, going from 107 to 138 is a BIG upgrade. I still like my Versa better though.
so about what MPG are you getting on the cruze?
Honestly? Not keeping up with it. Just DDing it and messing with ricers(cant do that in my V). :D
Here's the damage...

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Even the centre cap is missing! Take er easy on your back, glad it wasn't worse
Thanks. As for the center caps...I took all of them off.
Rental(my brother's Z in the background)...

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I gotta say I do like the look of those cars... especially the LT/LTZ with those split 5 spoke wheels.
I do too. It has a few nice features. I wouldnt trade my Versa for it though.
The push-button start I had on mine was awesome.
I didnt have a push start button. That must be the LTZ.
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