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Replace fuel pump or FPR?

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I am having the infamous fuel pump issue everyone seems to get with the 07-09+ versas. Mine is a 2009 80k miles and had some random episodes of long cranks to start, rough idle and such but today it stopped dead in the road with half a tank of gas. Now Im wishing I had paid attention to the odd start ups earlier cause then id know it was the fpr for sure, worried now it could be the whole pump... (haven't listen for pump yet but plan to after some more research) Plan on fixing it myself soon only thing is i don't want to get suckered into replacing the whole pump if its just the fpr. Any one know a good way to determine if indeed it is the fpr or the pump all together? Read some stuff about listening for the pump. If I hear it but no start does that typically mean fpr? Also read some vague stuff about fuses... Anyone know stuff about that? lol Would hate to buy a pump and replace to find it still doesn't work due to fuses.. any suggestions on isolating the issue?
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i dont know about the troubleshooting part, but i had only the fpr replaced, not the whole fuel pump. was about $48 for the fpr plus taxes plus an hour labour.
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I had the FPR replaced three times at the dealer (under warranty). Each time the car was hard to start (turn key over). A few times it wouldn't start (happened once while at the dealer), so they replaced FPR. Hoping I don't need it replaced anymore.
dying while driving sounds like the fuel pump, but if it starts right up again then you're probably fine. I'd say its probably just the fpr. Watch my video and do it yourself! Nissan was gonna charge me $150 for the job, plus the $90 diagnostic fee. I did it in the driveway for $45

sounds like your fuel pump has failed the whole unit at this point would have to be replaced. You would have to pull the fuel pump out of the tank anyways to replaces the FPR. and yes athikerguy4life is right you can do this yourself if you're mechanically inclined.
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