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Replacement hubcaps?

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Has anyone else replaced just their hubcap covers to some of the cool ones available online? Did it look ok? My wife would never let me buy rims so this is my next best option...just wondering if anyone has done it or has any pics...thanks.
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Some people have replaced theirs with Wal-Mart hubcaps or local auto parts stores hubcaps, others have painted their factory hubcaps so I'd look into that as well...or older factory wheels such as Sentra or 240sx wheels.
My wife would never let me buy rims
Kick her to the curve :biggrinjester: jk

Come on, I'm sure you can convince her. Hubcaps just don't have the same effect.
Those are nice. How much is shipping? You might be able to get a set local for about the same price and no shipping.
Shipping is $4.17, so $39.66 total. You are right about locally, I will have to check out a few auto supply stores around here...
My hubs aren't shown on ebay anymore. But I like them, they somewhat hide the steelies. Those black ones might expose the steelies tho.
That's what I was concerned about too...
yeah you would be able to see the steelies through those
Looks like it's back to the drawing board
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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