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well i've decided that i will do a little write up on any installation i do with my versa to help out others may it be ricey or not ^_^v

How to replace burnt out headlight bulb for your versa
1. First open up the hood and secure it with the hood stand.
2. "With CAI installed only" you have to unscrew both upper and lower mount of the CAI and put it to the side.

3. Reach in and you should be able to feel the harness and the rubber boot.

4. Unplug the harness.

5. Pull out the rubber boot using its tabs.

6. Feel for the clip that holds the bulb. unclip both top and bottom clips dont worry the clip wouldnt fall off just the bulb so make sure you have a little grip on the bulb.
7. Pull out the bulb.

8. Replace it with a new one. Make sure you dont touch the glass part of the bulb. it will explode if the glass surface is contaminated with skin oil. Hahaha trying to delete the kelvin rating but i guess i messed up the editing using photo bucket lol

9. Test it ^_^v

PS. I think the street approved for REAL HID light is 4300k for all the oem version that comes from the factory.
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