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Replacing License Plate Bulb

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Hello All,

I would like to replace the current license plate bulbs that are in my 2008 Nissan Versa S Model. They are the original ones. I want brighter and WHITER bulbs. I hate the ones that are in there now! :mad: Can someone find super white bulbs that would fit into my Versa? All help is appreciate. Thanks.
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I got my led license plate bulbs on eBay. They are nice and bright and white :)
Ok. Awesome! lol. Can you send me the link to the part that you found on ebay? I'd really appreciate it.
I think want to do the same to mine
Just look for any 194 LED bulbs on ebay. Make sure they are SMD though as they will be much brighter than normal LEDs.
i bought mine off of ebay but here is the sellers actual site - Automotive LEDs and HIDs with the best Warranty in the market!
I have LED ones in my license plate, they're bright, so make sure you get some LED ones.
To bboy romeo, I am currently on the link you provided me. I clicked under the "license plate" section. Which ones did you purchase for your Versa. Please reply at your nearest convenience. Thank you.

Thank you all for your assistance!
I sent you a PM with the info.

For everyone else if you want an updated ebay listing from the ones I bought take a look here. TWO HID WHITE 1.5w 1.5 watt LED License Plate Lights Bulbs #48H | eBay
I just bought some also and I was curious which ones everyone is using for the dome light? I deliver pizzas and changing out the dim stock one would not only be beneficial but would look awesome!!! thanks in advance.
For the dome I went to AutoZone and got a lil wafer looking thing that had something like 24 smd leds on it, was maybe 10 bucks at most and works great.
Not sure but whatever I have found on iJDM i always find cheaper on superbrightleds. And those say H7, arent we H4?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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