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i have a set of beautiful white 10 spoke rims that i would love to trade for a set of the nismo 17". i dont really mind what color, i think they all would look pretty good. kinda partial to silver tho. anyone interested?

here's some pics of mine:

they look exactly the same now as they did when i took those pics. absolutely 0 road rash. still look brand new, not a single blemish.:cornut:
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GL with the trade, those wheels are uber rare.
NISMO wheels? Are you talking about the SE-Rs?
No, there are actual 17 inch Nismo rims but I believe they're not in production anymore. Lil blue, have you checked ebay at all?

VersaMG08 is correct they are not in production anymore. I see them forsale alot on SR20 and 240sx boards though. They are made by Rays I believe and are not cheap.
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If you can find a set for a decent price, snag them ASAP!
thanks rob for the pic, i know they are hard to find but i know a few people on here have them so i figured i'd test the waters and see whats out there.
They look good. Did they make them any bigger? How about smaller?
Lil Blue: I wish I had the Nismo rims; I'd be trading for sure!

I love white rims!
i really enjoy the impul rims as well. any takers? lol
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