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Gahh i'm so excited. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2 o'clock to get my new rims and tires installed! Then i'll get some pics of the blue beast up... Finally!
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Looks sweet! What size are they? Are you already lowered? I expect pics no later than 3pm LoL.

Congrat on the purchase btw!
Not lowered yet. Probably over the summer... Hard to make enough money in high school when you're paying for a car every 2 weeks Haha. And they are 17's. Got a really good deal at the local fountain tire! :)
Looks good. What's the offset? What tires you putting on?
looks good, waiting for picsssssssss lol

but yeah once you get em you'll be itching for the lowering.
pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it's not 2 yet. Dam I'm impatient.
Haha i'm mountain time too! Two more hours! And i'm putting 215/45/17 i think? They're in my car right now. I'm just too lazy to go check. Been out dropping off resume's. Gotta get a better job so i can afford to do all the mods i have planned!.. if only i could roll up ten thousand..
I'd love to put the picture up now but I'm at work on my phone haha.
I'd love to put the picture up now but I'm at work on my phone haha.
You're a tease! :) Can't wait to see the pictures. Good luck with the job search!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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