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Armor All Detailer's Advantage Tire Foam:

Claim: Cleans, Shines, and Protects Tires

Reality: After I apply the foam, my tires barely shine. If this is a low gloss, low shine product, they should advertise it as so. I get a very low shine, and I have to apply 2 coatings to even get this.

Alternative: Meguiar's Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating

Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover:

Claim: Will Effortlessly Remove Bugs, Tar, Sap, Bird Droppings

Reality: This product did NOTHING. Even after repeat treatments, it did NOTHING.

Alternative: Rain X Bug and Tar Remover - got rid of the tree sap in one treatment.

Mods, feel free to make this a sticky!

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Meguiar's all the way bro! :cornut:
Same here. My project today..... Picked up some meguiars ultimate compound (liquid), cleaner wax, and tech wax 2.0. Thats what im about to do in a few mins. Been waiting 3 days to touch that bad boy outside, lol.
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