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well Happy 5 year anniversary to the V! Yup it has been 5 years already since I retired my turbo G20 and started driving a Versa daily. Wow did that fly or what.

In 5 years this vehicle has been nothing short of amazing. No real issues and shows no signs of slowing down. Here is a list of maintenance, issues, repairs and problems for the past 5 years.

1 brake light bulb
2 head light bulbs
2 sets of wipers
new tires used tires
3 air filters
2 in cabin filters
two cans of r134a (must have a leak, I'm looking into it)
half gallon of coolant/water (was running with no overflow cap for awhile and coolant was disappearing)
approx 19 oil changes and filters

Some things it is due for and needs
front rotors and pads
coolant flush
in cabin filter
air filter
tranny flush

Some issues, few that will be addressed with parts above
shakes when braking
exhaust leak
no traction from bald tires

Over the winter she was getting 32mpg. Last two fillups with the nicer weather she has been getting 36mpgs. Once we are in summer I expect 38 and possibly a few 40mpg tanks after her tuneup. There hasn't been a single non maintenance issue thus far, knock on wood.

Here are the current values according to kbb.

Very Good



I have saved approximately $10k in fuel for the past 5 years from going from the turbo G which required premium to the Versa. I have saved another $300 on oil. And at least another $100 on various things like filters, spark plugs, belts and fluids. So not counting items that are common to breaking on G20's like starters, alternators, mafs, high pressure hoses and AC compressors I have saved $10,400 on a car that cost just over $11k. I am positive all said and done I have broke even or actually made money on this Versa. Was definitely a wise choice still. I am trying to buy a new house next year and this car should easily last me so I don't have to put a car loan on my credit report.

The car has 145k miles on her now. Was higher but with the ODO recall they recalibrated it down a couple of thousand miles. I can see it lasting another 5 years and me breaking the 300k mark before she really needs to be put down. I'm assuming I will already have a different car before then though.

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Congratulations! Here's to many more safe and happy motoring miles, and a new house. 08v

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Thanks! So far this Versa was a very wise decision. Hell even if it totally broke down right now I still made out well. I know alot of online articles say the Versa isn't a great deal because you can get a higher quality used car for the same money. But if I had purchased a car with 60k miles on it I would have over 200k right now and I'm betting I would have put in alot more work on that used car. This car was a great buy.

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Thats great news man. I havent really kept count of what I've spent on mine but everything has been mods(aside from paying the car itself). Honestly sometimes I think about getting something faster but I read posts like yours and change my mind.
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