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rust on an 09 and what can I do about it?

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right in the corner of the window frame on my driver door is a little bit of rust. It's about a 1/16" round. The paint much have chipped there and you can see a bit of rust. Is this something I can have nissan take care of or what? I can get free touchup paint from my job (quality stuff too). Should I just touch it up myself?
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My experience with rust is that you need to get it off through sanding or some other method before you paint over it. Otherwise it will continue to spread. It sounds like such a small area that you should be able to sand it yourself and then do a touch up job on it. Good Luck.
any chance of warranty covering this?
probably not.

Rust i highly doubt is covered under warranty
rust is covered under warranty but I just read it needs to be inside out rust. Also there is no paint warranty. So basically mine wouldn't be covered. I'm just going to do a touch up.
I have the paint protection and rust inhibitor from the dealership which includes a 10 year warranty ... So for my versa they would take care of the rust. The warranty covers any form of rust ... so the minute it starts to show signs of rust I can bring in my car to get fixed.
Did you get the extra protection/warranties from the dealer???????
I'm sure you could call them and ask them if they will do anything, seeing as how your car is still brand new ... It wouldn't hurt to ask them. :)
I bought no paint protection or rust inhibior or any other add on the stealership tries to rip you off with. I didn't even let them try and offer anything to me. I told them flat out I don't want any extra so save your breathe. Bastards still snuck in $200 for Vin etching on the windows and I signed it. Dam they are good sneaking those papers in there :).

Reason I declined is because I had all those protections on one of my nissans and everytime I had a claim they found a way to not have to do the repair under the warranty. For some reason I'm betting the paint warranty would be the same and If I did have it and brought it in they would say it was from a rock chip and normal wear is not part of the warranty. That the paint only covers factory defects etc.

If you ever do have to use that warranty please post up your experience in here for me. My goal for the car was to keep it as cheap as possible. And if I was to get all the extra's they wanted to sell me it would have increased the cost of the car like 40%.
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Sorry to hear you have had no good experiences. The reason I got those extra protections - paint, fabric, rust inhibitor, and sound shield - is because I wanted a longer warranty besides the regular 3 year warranty that comes with the car. I financed my car for 60 months and did not want to have to worry about making car payments after 3 years with no protection. So for an extra *i think it was $2000* my warranty was extended to 7 years, 120,000 KMS with the 4 extra protections ... That is the main reason for getting the extra protections. Otherwise I would have just gone to get the rust inhibitor done elsewhere.

But if I ever do have a problem, I will keep you posted.
or you can try a rust converter :p it turns the rust into a black thingy and it will act as a primer :p make sure you remove the extra rust :p
Make sure you don't strip the rest of the E-coat when sanding it down
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